“Bach gave us God's word, Mozart gave us God's laughter, Beethoven gave us God's fire, God gave us music that we might pray without words.”– quote from a German Opera House


I believe everyone can learn piano, and that music should be a part of everyone’s life.  Whether you plan to be a professional pianist, play for your own enjoyment or anywhere in between, I will work with you to accomplish your goals. Even if piano is not the ultimate or only musical goal you have, the basic skills and techniques learned from piano lessons will prove useful in many areas of life-musical and otherwise.   As a piano teacher, my goal is to teach my students in a way that they enjoy themselves while they are learning.  Working with students and teaching music is first my love and passion, then my full time profession. 


I am a member of the MTNA (Music Teachers National Assocation), TMTA (Tennessee Music Teachers Assocation), and GMMTA (Greater Memphis Music Teachers Assocation).  I am currently serving on the Executive Board of both the local GMMTA and the state TMTA organizations.  I am past president for GMMTA and was honored as 2015 Teacher of the Year.  I regularly attend continuing educational workshops and programs to enhance my teaching ability and try to stay current on new technology and teaching methods.  I enjoy working with all ages and make every effort to find what works best for each individual student.  


All lessons are taught in my home studio in Horn Lake, MS.  The studio is equipped with a 2009, 5'10" Boston Grand piano, designed by Steinway & Sons. In addition, a new Yamaha digital piano is available for duets, ensembles, or warm-up prior to private lessons.  


Feel free to contact me via the contact link or by calling 662-393-4191 to schedule an interview.  There is no fee or obligation for this interview.


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